What I C is a photo gallery where you can follow the adventures of an avid traveller exploring South America (from north to south), Central America (from south to north) and parts of Oceania including 5 pacific countries/territories, New Zealand and Australia.

The structure of the web page is pretty much in place - now only time will help me populate all the galleries (if flagged, the gallery is empty). Please, bear with me meanwhile. I hope you will enjoy. 

A break, away from everything I know as 'normal'

I'm leaving behind family, friends, a good job, and the comfort and conveniences of a 'normal western life''. Venturing into unknown terrritory,  the first barrier to overcome will be learning Spanish which I'm sure will be as much a joy as a challenge. From past experiences I know the great advantages of speaking the local language, and I'm keen on getting into the local communities dedicating some time for volunteering work in the months ahead of me. 

Living a lifetime dream is taking it's beginning - very exiting and a bit overwhelming also, anticipating 18 months on the road. So much to see, so much to learn, so much to live. 

Feel free to "stop by" from time to time and browse the site. If interested, you can also follow me on facebook.